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The Founding Fathers for Starters

The vision of the Founding Fathers is for us frozen in time. It is laid out in a collection of 18th century historical documents — letters, pamphlets, newspaper articles, meeting notes, and most famously, the “Constitution of the United States of America”. The Founding Fathers engineered a new technology for governing the human interactions of America’s early populations. They generally eschewed the primacy of monarchical rule, favoring a more dispersed and hopefully accountable system of rulership. After a good deal of discussion, the technology was finally cemented into the famous document we know as The Constitution. They even managed to add some semblance of basic human rights into the document by including ten Amendments known as the Bill of Rights. Pretty good for that time, but the technology fell short.

What were They Missing?

They never agreed upon a practical definition of Basic Human Rights, one that could be applied in all human interactions. This was an unfortunate oversight. If the purpose of a government is to ensure just interaction among a population of human beings, one would think it wise to define clearly the principles of just interactions among human beings. The resulting “government” violated millions of human beings for more than two centuries with little hope of a reversal to this day. Nothing in the Constitution bans government folks from violating the rest of us in any clear wording. For example, invasion of others’ lands and mass murder are clearly permitted so long as Congress approves of such actions. They call it “war”. To be clear, I am not claiming there would not have been mass murders had The Constitution banned it. But it would not have been considered to be legally okay by so many. Of course, they legalized private human beings owning other human beings for many decades. And to this day, “government” human beings can legally claim ownership rights of private human beings and their respectfully acquired land properties, homes, businesses, and earnings. If a government’s purpose is to discourage violational human interactions within a community, that government should enshrine a clear definition of violational interactions. Without a clear concept of Basic Human Rights, The Constitution has left it unclear when a human has been violated by another. The U.S. Constitution does not have a meaningful statement of Basic Human Rights. One might argue that the Bill of Rights is such a statement. While it does “prohibit” government people from engaging in various violational activities, the Bill of Rights does not effectively define the parameters of just interactions between human beings.

So What Are Our Basic Human Rights?

Let’s start with actions we all condemn as violational (unless you’re a psychopath). Trespassing, stealing, vandalism, fraud (closely related to stealing), molestation, battery, rape, kidnapping, imprisoning, extortion, and murder. This is not a complete list, but it is a well-rounded set of violations. There is one common link between all these violations: In every case, a human takes action upon another human or another human’s property without his or her consent. Intuitively, most everyone gets this. Ultimately, each and every human being has the basic human right to own, to have exclusive control of, his or her body and respectfully-acquired properties. This is important when more than one person is present in a community. Thousands of years ago, violence was minimized in many communities by the creation of the concept of property rights. When all others in your town respect your basic human right to own your body and properties, none of the above-listed violations will ever occur. Such a situation does not create a perfect world. Utopia is not possible in a human population, because each person has unique values and preferences. On the other hand, respecting one another’s right to exclusively control his or her body and properties is not Utopian and is easily achieved by simply not taking action upon another human’s body or properties without that human’s consent. Millions of us achieve the task every day with no difficulty. The Founding Fathers, however, never implemented such a principle. If it were ever to be implemented, by all members of even in one small community, every human being in that town would be free to respectfully pursue his or her dream free of obstruction from others. In a town of one thousand adults, there would be one thousand dreams under way, with a thousand individuals free to respectfully experiment as they please. Imagine a thousand unique individuals free to create the life they value most highly. This brings us to the Fellow Humans Club.

The Fellow Humans Club? What the…?

There is no formal membership process for you to join the Fellow Humans Club. Become a member today by simply promoting every human being’s ownership rights CONSISTENTLY. When you or anyone, government or private, violates a fellow human’s right to control his or her body or properties, that someone becomes the victim of trespass, theft, battery, rape, murder…This sort of activity introduces fear and pain to the community, quite the opposite of the above vision. If you support “government” people or “private” people violating fellow humans’ rights, you are encouraging the same outcome. You would just be supporting the status quo, which has been stained by the “legal” violation of fellow human beings for centuries. Yes, most people contend that it is okay to violate others so long as “government” people are doing the violating. Therefore, if you choose to join the Fellow Humans Club, you will indeed hold a minority view, one that contends that all humans must properly respect others’ basic human rights. But, hey, we gotta start somewhere.

Some will object, “but government people need to be able to…”

To violate the rest of us? To take innocent humans’ property, or their earnings without their clear consent? To threaten non-violent folks with time in a cage? Does that really make sense?

“But the government people follow “Constitutional” procedures. Voting is involved, they wear suits, they are made famous in the media, they meet in big marble buildings…”

While it does make sense to have an institution that defends basic human rights, does it make sense to have that same institution violate those rights?

The Fellow Humans Club promotes freedom for entrepreneurs to respectfully provide services and goods in our communities. Entrepreneurs are independent business people who can take pride in running an excellent business on their own terms. No bosses, corporate executives, backstabbing employees, and no arbitrary rules and meetings. The more entrepreneurs in your town, the greater variety of cafes, theatres, toy shops, healthy fruits and vegetables you will find in your own neighborhood. The more friends and family will love visiting your town. Your local economy becomes vibrant and resilient as more entrepreneurs are inspired to open unique creative businesses. What is the alternative?

Corporate Businesses Suck Money Out of your Town

Fellow Humans want their neighbors to be successful, independent, and fulfilled in their daily lives. Fellow Humans like their food produced locally and served fresh without chemical additives. Fellow Humans encourage local performers and artisans to aspire to greatness in their respective crafts…locally. Entrepreneurs make their passions into reality, inspiring their neighbors and visitors to tap into their own dreams. I have visited hundreds of towns, and sadly most are forgettable, because unique local shops, vendors, and restaurants have given way to the same old franchises and corporate stores seen in most other towns. How do corporate stores take over? Since big corporations can’t legally use force to dominate markets, they use the power of government force. Most people believe it is right for government people to forcefully control human beings and their activities and money. Corporate folks “legally” bribe government folks to support them. Independent business owners simply do not have the will nor the means to outbribe corporate executives. Fellow Humans promote a consistent respect for every human’s basic right to have control of his or her body, respectfully-acquired properties, and earnings. Then, we all have real power to respectfully live our own lives according to our dreams, priorities, and values.

If only the Founding Fathers had been members of the Fellow Humans Club. It is too late to undo all the past miseries of government-approved chattel slavery, two centuries of nearly endless warfare, massive incarcerations of non-violent human beings, and the forced indoctrination of millions of children. We can’t undo the corporate domination of all our markets overnight. But now is a great time to support the non-violent approach for the future generations. Check out the website and my other articles on Medium. Start or join an EcoVillage, perhaps right in your neighborhood. Become a Freedom Coach. Freedom Coaches will become the logical alternative to politicians. Your support will make a difference.



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